Marketing / Sales

Cometh as Austrian GDP certified wholesaler can act as your contract partner or be just your agent


Marketing & Promotion

    Selection and communication with the local distributors:
    ▪︎ Coordination of orders, monitoring stock situation and   
       delivery plan
    ▪︎ Communicating with local wholesalers about planned
       marketing campaigns
▪︎ Communicating about the needs of the market

     Planning and organization of the marketing strategy:
▪︎ Identification of the client´s segment
     ▪︎ Product positioning
     ▪︎ Sales message
     ▪︎ Definition, implementation and control of the
        marketing methods (sales force, advertising in
        mass media, direct marketing,…)


    Depending on the needs of the customer:
    ▪︎ License and supply agreement
    ▪︎ Distribution agreement
▪︎ Marketing agreement