The team

The managers,Kornelia Nemeth und Katja Himmelbauer, have gained many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry at companies like Biochemie (now Sandoz) and Astra Zeneca.

The foundation of today´s business was laid by managing wholesale companies in Slovakia, Georgia and Poland followed by strategic consulting for pharmaceutical companies in the CIS. As a result we are proud of our excellent network of country experts, native speakers and market know how. 

In 2005 Kornelia Nemeth and Katja Himmelbauer founded the company CoMeth e.U.  - an Austrian GDP certified wholesale company for medicines and medical devices.  In 2014 an MBA in “Health care management” was completed to enrich the practical experience with scientific knowledge.

You can reach us under:,

                           Kornelia Nemeth                                                                                                  Katja Himmelbauer

What we do

We are an Austrian based wholesale and marketing company for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and food supplements. Our headquarters are located in Mödling, near the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Cometh offers services for manufacturers who would like to start up new businesses in the fast growing markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iraq.

These markets have some features in common:

Profitable growth within their respective market segments
Increasing liberalization of the market structures 
    ▪︎  Increasing individual purchasing power due to flourishing economies
    ▪︎  Branded markets with a rather high “out of pocket” spent for health care products 
    ▪︎  Due to the relatively young history of these republics, business processes start developing at slow pace. Therefore a high grade of flexibility, anticipation and
        relationship management is a key factor for a sustainable success in these markets.